Is it posible to connect between non compatible devices?

Good Morning, If a house has Honeywell Alarm Kit compatible only with Honeywell Devices, I will not be able to control it's magnetic/proximity sensors or Siren Alarm.

My question is, If it possible to complement both systems like using an "OR Logic Gate" I imagine something like Connecting OR gate to the input of Siren with both systems. IF Honeywell activates, then Siren will Sound. Also if Hubitat activates then Siren will also Sound.

Everything works by Protocols(language) and not everything speaks the same, but pretty much everything works with Signals and electricity.

Do you guys think this could Work?

If all you want to accomplish is to enter alarm state with its appropriate actions whether the breech was detected by your alarm system or by some triggers in Hubitat, that should be fairly simple.

Do you have an output from the alarm system that you can use to drive a relay? Perhaps the alarm output itself? Or an LED indicator? Then have that relay close a contact known to Hubitat. Move your alarm noisemakers to Hubitat.

Start with "When the alarm system raises an alert, I can detect xxx on the yyy output" and we can take from there.

Don't move your siren off the alarm system, the alarm system is way more reliable than any automation hub.

If you want the Hubitat to be able to trip your alarm, find a relay that the Hubitat can control, and wire it into your alarm panel so it can trip one of the zones.

Have you looked at They have alarm panel interface boards that will let you expose the devices connected to many existing alarm systems to Hubitat or conversion kits if you don't want the alarm system anymore and just want to move most of the wired devices to Hubitat.

Good point. The relay tripping a sensor in the other system could go either way. My assumption was that he was looking to phase out the alarm system at some point, but that wasn't stated in the question.

I think this makes good sense. Make Hubitat another zone (or tie it in to an existing zone) and don't (otherwise) mess with the alarm system.

Can you recommend to me some Relays?

Use Hubduino and build one. I don't know of any zigbee or zwave ones.

My house was pre-wired with an alarm.
I used existing alarm door sensors and attached them to Ecolink open-close sensors using the terminals inside of the sensor.

For a relay to trip the alarm from Hubitat perhaps the zooz zen16

Let's start with what you can drive a relay with. If your strategy is to have the alarm system notify Hubitat of an alert, what output do you have on the alarm system that you could use? For example, 12V DC driving the siren?

Iā€™m pretty sure the Fibaro Implant device is designed for this sort of thing.
Check it out.

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