Is it (or will it be) possible to change Dashboard tile colors by individual tiles vs templates?

Title pretty much says it all :slight_smile:

It's something that has been asked for before and is on the feature request list. Currently, it is not possible.

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Thanks for the very quick reply. BTW the dashboard has been working great, however we've been using it less than before because Alexa Skill works so well :slight_smile:

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Hey while we are talking about changes to the dashboard, I would really like the device type labels to go away. Or at least be able to turn them off. I don't see the value in cluttering the tiles with "Switch" or "Door", or "Window". The device label already has that info. Ex: "Kitchen Window". Sometimes they look like they are for the device tile above them, and cause confusion with users. Also it seems to me that moving the device label text to the top of the tile would be large improvement in readability / intuitiveness. All of the other dashboard apps that I am aware of have the label at the top of the tile.


On that topic, I would very much like a configurable label, a textbox used on the tile add/edit flyout.

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100% agree. This should be removed!

I don't know what the commercial implications would be, but to me the Holy Grail would be to have a version of Sharptools become the in-built LOCAL dashboard app. It already has custom colours and icons per tile and I use it much more than the dashboards because of that. You can create a much slicker looking interface than is possible with dashboard as it stands. If it was the LOCAL solution rather than cloud based, it would be just about perfect and would save the Hubitat team trying to re invent the wheel with dashboard and concentrate development on the main hub apps.

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Sharptools is nice. But it is a cloud based solution which is not the stated goal of HE, everything local.

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That is why I said a version of Sharptools but running locally.

If there were a way to put SharpTools local (on HE or off-node like an RPi or VM), and not cloud based, I would certainly pay for that.

Don't get me wrong - I find the current dashboard workable (and the price was certainly right!), but it is currently lacking in terms of flexibility, configuration, and number of available templates (no bulb w/o dimmer - have to use switch, no thermostat, etc).

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Agree. The built in dashboard is enough to get by, but leaves a ton of room for improvement. Unfortunately it feels like development has stopped on it. Every once in a while you hear about a bug fix, but no new features added. Whenever someone suggests something, it just goes to the never moving suggestion pile.

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I must admit the lack of a thermostat tile for example is very surprisinging. Surely that's a requirement for the majority of home automation systems?


Development of dashboard has not stopped. Priorities were shifted to focus on the new UI and a few other projects. We will circle back to Dashboard and evaluate the "pile" of feature requests.

  1. Is there a list of feature requests anywhere to review? I would like to submit about a dozen things, but no point in doing so if it is already on there...

  2. Is there an official way / preferred method to submit feature requests?

You can post them, new thread, or pm them to me. No official way to request features.

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Patrick, is there any mileage at all, commercially or technically, of incorporating Sharptools as the local dashboard tool? It seems to have most, if not all, of the features I have seen requested for dashboard already there and working.

Oh god yes.... I would pay for sharptools dashboard to be run locally