Is it me or is it Rule Machine...battery level isn't doing what I expected

I set up a new Rule 4.0 to notify when any battery level becomes less than 40. I know there are other ways to report battery level, but wanted to play with the new Rule Machine.

Every time a device reports the battery level, I get notified that the battery level is low, even if the battery level of that device is over 40. What I thought would happen was any time a device reports a battery level, it would be checked and if less than 40, a notification would occur.

Here is the rule:

Here is a log of the rule:

Why not just use the built in option in HSM for battery notifications, this works for me.

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That is how rule machine works. If a device is below your threshold, it will trigger every time the value is below that threshold. This is by design and not a bug. See this post for the exact same topic.

Thanks for the info, that's what I was thinking but wanted confirmation :grin:. I missed that topic.

I did have the battery checking in HSM but I noticed a delay with speaking (I think maybe because of ordering, it does SMS type notifications before speech) so I moved all the custom rules from HSM to Rule Machine. I will move the battery checking back as I don't care so much about how quickly it speaks.

I'm so glad I saw your post concerning the use of HSM Custom monitoring for battery level checks. Each day I find more and more great tips! Would you know if the use of HSM custom monitoring for the battery level would act the same as Rule Machine and report every time the value is reported? If so, I guess using "report once daily" would be an option. Thanks again

It would not notify you of all battery changes, only when the level drops below the threshold that you set. The "report once daily" is to limit that notification to happen only once per day.

Much appreciated for quick response !

I had followed your HSM rule for battery levels exactly back in July. All my sensors were new at the time but now a water sensor is at 49% and garage door sensor was 40% . The problem is, I never got a txt message. I use Pushover that has worked fine for everything else. I even refreshed both sensors and still no notification. Any idea what I'm doing wrong?


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