Is it just me, or did I break the Community with my last post? (No It was Just Me....)

Been really slow or impossible to access my "family" via my phone in the last few hours.... And posts composed on my laptop have also suffered from issues, often throwing up questions about saving drafts, etc....

@support ??

Is working fine here, no signs of systematic problems on our side.


That's good. Glad it's not a bigger problem. Might try restarting my network.... Teams was a bit sketchy while I was working, might not hurt to give it a kick.... It's been a while... Otherwise, probably time for bed :slight_smile:

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I've just been out for an hour but before I went the community wouldn't load - eventually timed out. OK now though...

Yeah, a router reboot seems to have worked for me, though before / as I was doing that switching to the mobile network on my phone also produced good results, so not clear for me where the issue was.... Glad it's not something bigger... at least from the indication from Bobbyd and lack of responses from the general Community.... though that could also be a symptom.... :wink:

Normal transmission appears to have been resumed at my end.... You can all relax.... :slight_smile:


Going to DEFCON 5.... :sunglasses:

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You can all relax except @thebearmay :slight_smile:


Heh, I almost posted a "Where is everybody?" last Friday or Saturday. It's been slow here --dog days of summer, I guess. So I assuaged my loneliness by buying more ecowitt sensors.


Silver-linings.... :slight_smile:

When I used to flip laptops, a client called about a month after I sold her a really nice Dell laptop. I never sold a laptop that I would not sell to my mother.
The client said all of a sudden her Internet stopped working. She was a nice lady, so I stopped by her house to see what I could do on my way home from work. Did the usual but time constraints prevented me from really digging in, so I brought it home. It connected to my wifi right away and the Internet was fine. Spent about an hour making sure everything was right. Took it back to her, and no Internet. Ugh.

Her husband walks into the room and slaps an unpaid bill from the ISP on the computer desk.

Don’t assume things.


So the moral of your story, if your car doesn't run don't forget to put gas in the tank? :rofl:


In the 40+ years I was a mechanic , I repaired about 10 vehicles that were towed in by adding fuel to the tank. Every time the customer would be shocked. We usually just got some gas and charged them for the tow. Most of them had faulty fuel gauges so the customer would calculate how much gas is left.

Talking with a tech from another shop, the owner would milk it. Keep the car for a week, left the hood up so it looked like it was being worked on if the customer stopped by.

Charged them and told them it was a pinched wire behind the dash that took time to find. The customer is not going to crawl under the dash to find a hidden wire.

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