Is it best to add new z-wave devices near the hub?

I typically pair Z-wave Plus devices either close to a hub or repeater. I do not have any older legacy Z-wave devices that have to be paired with the hub. If it is a device that requires security such as a door lock, then pairing it near the hub is probably going to be necessary, even if you use a repeater later.

Installed devices that require mains power such as wall dimmers and switches are difficult to pair since it is more difficult to get them near the hub unless you bring the hub to them. That is one reason I have avoided Z-wave and Zigbee dimmers and switches. I find that Lutron Caseta Clear Connect devices are easy to pair with the Lutron bridge, but they are not an inexpensive option.

IMHO this is the most important question to answer first.

But that’s probably why they put @bobbyD in charge around here :sunglasses:.


One interesting trick I learned about ZWave is that you can use any hub to do the exclusion. In other words if you have a ZWave device that was NOT excluded properly from ST and your ST is now in the trash bin, you can still do a ZWave exclude on the switch from HE. Then you can reset it and re-include it.


Lutron Caseta is my solution. The most solid switches I have encountered. They are proprietary (or at least they don't use ZWave or Zigbee) and require their own hub (the PRO series, by the way), but the integration is excellent and the devices themselves are rock solid. Many of them also don't require neutrals, which is a plus in older homes. They are more expensive but IMHO absolutely worth it.


One thing to keep in mind. The exclusion has two parts. On one hand, the controller is removed from the device, and on the other, the device is removed from the controller. Performing the exclusion from a different controller than the one the device was included, it will always leave a "ghost" on the original controller (same result as force removing a device without exclusion).


Ah yes thanks that's a really good point. I've only used that method when the original controller was no longer among the living so ghosts were not a concern. (Pun intended.)

Another trick I've learned is that a stubborn device can be included with a zwave stick. I had a Ring extender I wanted to use for power outage detection (works great by the way) and I could not get the darned thing to pair to HE directly. With the zwave stick and the silicon labs tool it was a piece of cake.


Yup, I was surprised to discover that also. Kind of a neat feature.

I this case, this does not seem to be the problem though. I still have my ST hub, and I tried to exclude it with that as well as HE repeatedly, but it doesn't show up for exclusion anymore. It did however show up for exclusion the first time I did it, so I think it excluded fine.


The dimmer/switch is a GE enbrighten Z-Wave+ switch:


If you didn't do so already, I suggest checking out the following document:

This was a very good document to read through, thanks. I picked up several tips and details I didn't know before. Cool!

BTW: Is there any kind of tool that provides a visual representation of how the z-wave network/mesh constructed itself? Would be kind of interesting to look at.


There are a couple of tools. I think the most sophisticated is zniffer, a silicon labs tool. I have a spare stick on order but have not played with zniffer yet.

Recommend a UZB-7 or Z-Stick Gen 5** which you can pair to the HE as a "secondary controller". This is good for things like removing ghosts, updating tricky firmware, etc.

** The Z-Stick is 500 series but contains an internal battery so you can walk around and do remote exclusions and (have not done this) remote no-security pairings. The new 700 series Z-Stick does not appear to have a battery so the UZB-7 seems like a much better deal.

Note: these devices are not strictly necessary but can be very useful when/if things go pear-shaped... :pear:

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Not saying it doesn't happen, but the only device I had any issue that seemed to need me to be close to my hub is with a Lutron Aurora button device. Everything else normally will get tested across the house in a room that has decent Zwave coverage. after that i just exclude the device and then pair it again in it's final destination. with that said apart from a few older GE JASCO Zwave Plus devices and some aotec Multisensors it is almost all new Zwave 700 series gear so take that for what it is.

Some important "Rules of the Road" for Z-Wave:

  1. Always add devices in the same state as the hub so they aren't too far away. And yes, as everyone knows, if you are in a tiny state like New Hamshire you can add devices from several states away since you are still pretty close.
  2. Never, ever, add a Z-Wave device when... Wait, shoot, what was it? Just a sec...hmmm. I remember you're really, really not supposed to do something sometimes. Gimme a moment...Arrrgh. Well, just be careful. 'Cause if you do it, it's bad, real bad.
  3. Any time you have a Z-Wave problem, send a ton of PMs and forum postings to @bcopeland, He sort of invented Z-Wave or is made of Z-Wave or something, so he can probably fix your Z-Wave stuff by just staring hard in your direction. (You'll want to tell him your general location so he doesn't stare at a local 7-11 or something.)
  4. Always spell "Z-Wave" with a hyphen and leading caps, never write "Zwave" "Z-wave" or "z-Wave" or "zwave" or "zeeee-wave." Just don't, OK?!
  5. It was very confusing for me at first, but this is big: Z-Wave has nothing to do w/surfing! I know, right?! Totally confusing!! Don't bring up questions about "Hanging 10" or how to "Carve up the wave" or call Z-Wave "Tubular" or you will get teased mercilessly. Ask me how I know.

That's pretty much all you need to be successful w/Z-Wave. You're welcome! Oh, and there was some stuff about ghosts or something.


Ummm no.. Just a Z-Wave fanboy..


You're too modest. I happen to have this picture of you from your youth (yes - not all were destroyed as you hoped!) holding some early Z-Waves you were training. This was back when they were still called "Square-Waves," before Marketing forced the name change.

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I'm in Rhode Island so I generally drive TO New Hampshire to begin inclusion.


Well played, well played indeed. :rofl:

One big point being missed is the value of being a Z-Wave Fan Boy. @bcopeland never has ZWave inclusion problems. I routinely add devices far away from where they are going to spend their lives. When I move them into place, they work. So.. clearly, becoming a Z-Wave Fan Boy is critical. :smiley: