Is IFTTT on the roadmap?

Thanks @ogiewon for feedback.

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IFTTT is on the Planned Integration List, and I’ll note your desire as well.


Oddly enough I also like Stringify. I was sad that Comcast bought them, but if they don’t get screwed up too much then it’s a good system and pretty quick.


I had high hopes for Stringify but realistically webcore or RE on a local platform is a better option.

Stringify is very powerful. I vote for Stringify before IFTTT. Everyone knows IFTTT is table stakes, but if you integrate with Stringify, you get both, because they can pass flows into and out of IFTTT.

I like Stringify too (although worried what ComCast might do). I guess it’s a lot less costly to implement too.

No point in worrying. Everybody will eventually be owned by somebody else it seems. Habitat too. Having an exit plan is good business planning. It can be the beginning of the end or something much better. Enjoy the ride, and know that at least you’ll have local control.