Is Hubitat compatible with POE

There was a warning that if you have a POE switch the Hubitat is gonna burn out. But this says that active POE should not harm the non POE device. I was wondering can I connect the Hubitat to the ACTIVE POE or should I not?

Hubitat documentation has a prominent warning not to connect the Elevation hub to a PoE switch.

The documentation indicates that doing so can damage the hub and will void the warranty.

OTOH, you could use a PoE to microUSB splitter. There are several community members who have taken this approach.


Active PoE is fine. Passive PoE will fry it. I have mine directly attached to a Unifi Switch Pro 24 on a PoE enabled port with no issues.


I'm with @FriedCheese2006 . POE is fine as long as it's active. Mine runs on a Cisco 3750 48 port POE switch. I use splitters for all my hubs.

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