Is Honeywell T6 still the thermo of choice?

HI all, getting ready to ditch my Nest thermo and was leaning toward the T6 but I have a couple questions before pulling the trigger.

Is the advanced driver working 100% on v2.2.8 and is it being kept up? It was Bryan's baby for while but knowing that Bryan has other more pressing responsibilities I don't know if it's on his radar currently (I haven't seen any posts from him in the advanced driver thread recently).

Is there a ZW+ or Zigbee thermostat with the same features and support around? I just finished replacing all my ZW stuff with ZW+ and not fond of the idea of putting in regular ZW device.


Which driver are you referring to?

What features are you looking for in a thermostat?

The HW T6 advanced driver created by @bcopeland (my apologies on the original post, for some reason I thought it was Bob Copeland instead of Bryan).
As for features, well that's a loaded question as I'm sure I find more things to do with it as I find more features. But to start; the normal stuff, automate temps based on presence, schedule, etc. I want to be able change the fan mode on demand and on a schedule through a dashboard, linked to Alexa, etc. Right now Nest is ok but it's Wi-Fi through Google and it's not easily interfaced with.

You can do all that with the built-in driver for the Honeywell T6 and Hubitat automations.

I used to use Bryan’s driver (it is great, as is he!), but as he isn’t maintaining that driver anymore, I switched to the built-in driver about a week ago.

From everything I've read @bcopeland primarily recommends either GoControl or Honeywell T6.. I have a GoControl and it works quite well...

i just installed the Honeywell T6 Pro last week, everything is working great. Using built in driver, no issues. I have schedules for when i come on and when i leave , Also have multiple schedules for evening and bed time. Added to Alexa and she listens to what i want to change it to. Added its on dashboard, no issues at all.

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Thanks all for the feedback!

I use the T6 Pro with the Advanced Honeywell T6 Pro driver by @bcopeland. I'm very happy with it but early on I had to tweak it a little. It was a while ago, but if memory serves there was an issue with commanding the Thermostat Fan Mode. Commands from apps would switch it to 'auto' or 'circ', but commands from the dashboard would not. Look at line 49 in this screenshot, in particular the spaces before the 'auto' and 'circulate' state names. This is what fixed it for me and now all is golden.

Thanks, my T6 just showed up, now to work it into my honeydew list. :grin::+1:

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