Is following technical instructions too hard for users?

I didn't say I was upset, it's just not practical.

Not sure what your point is, but I think you are doing other Hubitat users a disservice by suggesting it's impossible for many.

I'm sure there are folks how don't have the motivation to pursue such an effort. I also understand there are individuals who are intelligent some areas but not with this type of effort.

However I believe a motivated individual who has installed Habitat and written a few rules could get node-RED going especially with the instructions @corerootedxb provided. After reading the post I found the full Node-RED "code" (aka flows) needed to replicate what the author had done was provided.

I agree, and in addition, I think the result would be to increase the users skill level. The concepts used are really not that difficult, once you see what is needed to become functional.

In my case I've temporarily put the original goal of using Alexa aside and am currently using the Node-RED capabilities I learned following this subject to log Hubitat output (events and logs) to a file on my PC. I plan on using this data to evaluate sensor performance before using my Aqara Temp-humidity sensor to control my Heat and A/C.

I hope others reading this thread do not get discouraged from giving it a go, I guarantee you will learn some interesting things.


I'm not going to argue over whether writing an Alexa lamda function is something everyone can do. If it were, more people would. Simple as that.

@matt.klueppel thanks for posting. As one of those non-technical hubitat users that’s very good at following directions, I’m gonna give this a try when I have some free time. Because why not?

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I got a deal for you @matt.klueppel, if you think it's so easy, are you signing up to support all the users who then go and try to do it, since it's SOOOO easy? Are you going to walk them through doing it and debugging all their problems? If it's so simple, there shouldn't be any need for that, right?

@Ryan780 why is it so important to you that everyone agrees that your personal opinion is correct and theirs is wrong?

It’s clear this isn’t something that you’re personally interested in. Why not let everyone else just form their own opinion?

This thread is well on its way to being moved to the time out room. Something that seems to happen all too often when someone disagrees with you.


Those who self appoint themselves 3rd string HE support staff, often self appoint their egos to go with it.


It's not ....why is it so important to you that my opinion be wrong? I think it's too complicated for the average user. That's my opinion. I'm not allowed to think that?

And here we are in the timeout room. Thread derailed :roll_eyes:. Have a nice day everyone :v:.


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