Is EWelink zigbee 3.0?

Does anybody know if this Zigbee plug supports zigbee 3.0 ?

I’ll let someone else confirm, but they are typically pretty good at letting the buyers know when devices are Zigbee 3.0 from what I have seen. So I suspect it isn’t.

Why are you asking?

I was planning to buy 3-4 of those to start my home automation journey

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No help with the EWelink plugs but, I've had good luck with these:

Bonus of actual warranty or 365 day returns if you have a problem.

It may work without Zigbee 3.0, if there is a community driver for it. Have you done a search on to see if there was?

Sorry if this seems pedantic, but eWeLink does not make any physical products. Aliexpress is full of products that throw familiar names into their title or description to get clicks. This one of those scary, undocumented, no feedback, seller rating under 95% listings ... feeling adventurous?

eWeLink is an open cooperative smart home APP which allows you to bring smart devices
from different brands together on one single platform.
We provides standardized protocols like SDK and API. You may integrate our stack to build your own APPs.

I am trying to find something which is not huge, so does not block other plug point(and hence better wife acceptance score), and if possible should be less than $20 or so.. and ZigBee 3.0

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The listing is sparse on details, so I'd be suspicious; for a line-powered device, I'd be even more suspicious that there is apparently no UL or ETL listing. What little compatibility information they provide is things like "Compatibility: All Compatible" (lolwhat) and "Works with Zigbee HA hub," so my guess is that it's ZHA 1.2 (this profile was unified with some others in Zigbee 3.0, and if they knew what they were doing, they would probably not call out ZHA specifically--but I'm not convinced they know either way). So I really wouldn't buy it.

I do think you have a good plan by starting your Zigbee mesh by building it out with repeaters. Just not sure I'd pick this particular one. :slight_smile: I'm not sure if Innr plugs are available in your region, but in the US they're $35 for a 2-pack (price may vary at other retailers; this is what I see on Amazon) and seem to work well for most people. I'm not sure what they look like in other regions. The SmartThings Outlets, if you can find them any more (really any generation but the latest/2018 ones, likely soon to be manufactured by Aeotec if they aren't already), are also pretty good but again vary in size depending on region/plug. The Ikea ones are certainly cheap but aren't exactly small, but at least they aren't tall enough to block another outlet in North America--just pretty wide, and also some people report that they don't have a great range so aren't attractive repeaters on their networks.


I live in USA and have 120V smart plugs manufactured by LUNTAK. They are based on eWeLink Zigbee technology. They are Zigbee 3.0 and serves as a repeater for Zigbee signals including non-standard Aqara devices. I purchased them to replace my previous Smartthings and Centralite plugs which were not compatible with Aqara.

Unfortunately, I cannot tell you if the plugs you are considering are Zigbee 3.0. However, I did find some smart plugs on that are based on eWeLink Zigbee 3.0 technology.

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