Is "celsius ToFahrenheit(SensorValue)" valid in Hubitat groovy?

When the code below runs the SensorValue is reported as temperature : 182388.2

                case "F":
                SensorValue = 20
               SensorValue = celsiusToFahrenheit(SensorValue)
               sendEvent(name: "temperature", value: SensorValue, unit:"F", isStateChange: true)
      ("in Case F")

When I comment out the line " SensorValue = celsiusToFahrenheit(SensorValue)" the value 20 is reported.

I'm assuming either I'm missing something (maybe an imported library is needed). Or is it just not implemented?


running this:
def SensorValue = 20
log.debug celsiusToFahrenheit(SensorValue)
i get 68...

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celsiusToFahrenheit() isn't Groovy per se but is a method provided by Hubitat's app and driver runtime environment. But yes, your code looks valid--a bit unconventional, maybe (variable names normally use camelCase per Groovy/Java convention), but that shouldn't actually affect any outcomes.

But speaking of SensorValue, what is that and where is it defined? If your intent was to define it inside this case (actually, inside the switch--the scope of any variable defined in a case), then I'd use def sensorValue or BigDecimal sensorValue. (In regular Groovy scripts, variables "defined" without def or a type have a special script-wide meaning; I'm not sure if/how Hubitat's driver environment affects this, but I'd do it as you likely intended regardless. Unless you already did somewhere we can't see, and in that case, more context might be helpful.)


Thank you and Mike.Maxwell :slight_smile:
I think I need to understand scope in groovy better.

Thank you both.