Is anyone using the Kwikset 910 Zwave Smart lock?

If so have there been any issues? it saws works with ST, so I assume it should work with HE just fine. Thanks!

I have one and have not had any issues with it. One word of advice is to just be patient and persistent during the pairing process. Most users including myself needed to have the lock physically very close to the hub during the initial setup. After that, all is good.

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What do you do you suggest? Pairing it before installing it? Eventually I'll have 2, but the second is actually in the same room as the hub, My hub is in a utility room on the ground floor, pretty much dead center in the house.

That is exactly what I'd do. Set it on the shelf right next to the hub to pair it. Once that's 'good to go', pop it in the door.

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I too had to bring the HE hub over to my already installed 910 which I had used with ST. ST. Pairing was touchy but worked fine after moving the device closer to the hub. It works very well with HE and I have to say much better than it did with ST. No issues at all.

Just a word of caution I as well as other community members have issues with status updates with this lock. (Locked/Unlocked).
The z-wave and zigbee radios have lower distance that SmartThings and I think the radio in that lock is kind of weak as it is, so some status updates are getting lost in the air I think.

The commands to lock and lock usually seem to work though.
Sometimes I get home and the door isn't unlocked, but typing the PIN is easy enough I usually don't even investigate to see if Life360 shows me as home yet or not.

Yes. A quick search with the awesome forum search tool on this lock, you'll find a few threads regarding. I have two. Both are troublesome, one more so than the other. I wouldn't buy these again, and they will eventually be replaced on my doors.

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Yep. Almost daily post with a Kwikset joining issue. The general consensus is pair close to the lock. A repeating outlet (or something that repeats well) nearby might solve the update issues as well. And of course, give the mesh time. Don't pop in a repeater and expect to be golden a minute later. :crazy_face:

This is a good read for basic Z-Wave advice by the way.

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Well another data point. I pared my 910 some time back. It paired OK from across the room. I have had no issues with it. It remains in the same room with the hub though. It is zwave and have numerous repeaters in place.

I have more trouble with my schlage lock that is across the house.


I've always had to be within 12" anytime I pair a zwave lock - of any brand I've tried. All of my Schlage (I have 6) won't pair 3 feet away from the hub, but will <12" away...

Same for my two Kwikset 910 and my one 916 locks.

If you did it from across the room,. consider yourself lucky. :slight_smile: