Is 2 amps enough to power a C7?

I have a Unifi PDU that has 4 type C ports. They are 2 amps max each. I'd love to clean up the wiring by using those (with the proper cable of course) but I'm not sure if it will work.

Yep one that comes with hub is only 1A


Yup. At 5VDC.


the hub running draws about 200mA, going as high as 500mA during boot


+1 for tidying up. My police scanner setup has several custom USB cables, network cables, and audio cables.

You should see inside my PC. Not origami, but lots of time and zip ties were involved. Too bad I haven’t powered it on since I retired. Was my means of zoning after work. Countless hours playing Fallout 4 in God mode, aimlessly wandering around.

You can use a higher amp supply, but lower might introduce flaky operation. Think of it as ‘capability’.

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Much cleaner with using the new cables!


I think you are supposed to use at least 6 ft patch cables for those connections according to my IT dept if you look at any of the racks in our facilities. All different colors too, yellow, blue and red, at random.

Anyway... I feel like I must live in a shack compared to some people with all this equipment. I just have an consumer grade router, some hubs and two micro PCs on a book shelf I mounted at the top of the basement stairs. Its all nice and tidy of course.


Oh no our house is nowhere near what some of the ones I have seen here. This set up is massive amounts of over kill for us.

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