Iris v2 stuck

I have an iris V2 motion sensor. I have one in my kitchen one in my living room. Both always worked flawlessly until today. this afternoon when I came home from work about 5:30 I walked into the kitchen the motion sensor got tripped in the lights turned on perfect just like it's supposed to. I walked into the living room motion was trip lights came on just like it's supposed to perfect.

About an hour later I walk in the kitchen and the lights don't turn on I walk into the living room and the lights don't turn on. I see the motion sensor light flicker but looking at the logs nothing is triggered. I look at my dashboard and my kitchen motion sensor State active. There has not been anybody in the kitchen in the last 30 minutes. I walk into the living room I see the light come on on the motion sensor nothing gets triggered nothing gets logged and the dashboard does not see any motion. has anybody else seen this problem not with just one but two motion sensors at the same time? I have three other Iris V2 motion sensors that work just fine still.

My Iris v2 motion sensors are still behaving fine here.

What type of zigbee repeating devices do you have? Did any of them get unplugged? Or power switched off to them? Some bulbs will drop zigbee packets, whereas most zigbee outlets and switches are better behaved repeaters.

I have no zigbee repeaters. The living room sensor is with in arms reach of the hub. One of my zigbee bulb are out at the end of my drive and it's still working.

What Brand is the Zigbee bulb?


Update: my kitchen started working and my living room. Now my porch motion...same kind Iris v2 stopped.

Oh wait kitchen and living room stopped again. Reporting motion and no motion.

Something weird is happening to my zigbee devices.

Have you restarted your hub via the Settings menu? Just curious if that would make a difference.

I would strongly encourage you to pick up a few Zigbee outlets to strengthen your mesh network.

I just bought 2 peanut plugs. Will those work?

Also most bulbs make horrible repeaters. Sengled has purposely made their bulb without a repeater. Hue bulbs on the hue hub are fine. Most issues I see on the forums seem to be bulbs repeating poorly, not enough repeaters and interference which is usually remedied by changing to another channel.

My sengled bulbs are all outside and as in right now still working.

Peanut plugs although not on the officially supported list have worked well for many members of the community. Although I have only had mine for a week, I have not run in to any mesh issues with them.

Thanks for adding they are Sengled. I am sure the repeater advice is sound. Best wishes. I have rather enjoyed Hubitat.

What is the battery level of the sensors? You might want to try power cycling the motion sensors by pulling the battery and re-installing it.

I added the peanut. Easiest devices I've ever added by the way. Both living room and kitchen started working again. Weird because the living room sensor is closer to hub then peanut is.

Porch is still showing active though.

Ok this is messed up. Got living room and kitchen back but just lost my Z-Wave Schlage Lock which has been working great.

Several users have had good results adding the aeotec repeaters for their zwave locks.

@waynespringer79 and @aaiyar have quite a bit of experience with these

Yes I have 1 of those also

Been suffering something similar with my set up. V2 Iris motion sensors showing active on dashboard and in devices panel and not timing out back to inactive. Batteries were reading OK. Then they suddenly went dead completely. Replaced the batteries and then they've been fine. So maybe its due to battery low, even tho they report the battery still had 60% or so remaining.

I bought 10 of these on ebay, and all 10 are in use in my (little...ish?) 1902 square foot house to cover every window and door. No issues at all. All I have for zigbee repeaters are two Ikea tradfri outlets.

Ive had a SmartThings v4 motion sensor do this a couple of times, it gets stuck in active state and doesnt send any further zigbee traffic. requires a battery pull to get it back talking again - weird.

Yup that's what I did. All better so far.