Iris v2 keypad as button device?

Is it possible to use a Iris v2 keypad as a button only device (off on lights etc) as opposed to a security device in Hubitat?


i have one and have it trigger devices, but it still requires a code to be entered. i trigger the actions based on me disarming the keypad

So you can't program button 1 to do one thing, button 2 something else, etc?


no, it triggers stuff based on my unlocking it with a passcode

Has anyone found a workaround for this via a different driver or via attributes and RM? These keypads are super cheap on ebay and they would be a great giant button/scene controller if we could remap every key. Forgive me if this is simple, I have never messed with any generic keypads so if it is as simple as creating a new Button Controller Rule and then assigning each button press then great.

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