Iris V1 stopped reporting

All my Iris V1 Contact sensors paired fine but when I check history and events none of them are reporting anymore. Hub reboot didn’t seem to fix they are all listed fine in devices.

if you have osram bulbs connected to HE directly you will need to remove them as a starting point.

Yea I do I can I can remove those will I be able to read or will it cause the same issue?

If they caused issues currently, adding them back into the mix will likely do the same.

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Thank you!

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I too have removed 2 bulbs and a light strip. They worked great for years on IRIS.

This happened to me today. At about 7:45 AM all of my Iris V1 Motion and contact sensors stopped reporting. Some of the contact sensors wouldn't even blink the led with the magnet.

I assume it was caused by the cheap RGB LED controller I was playing with

I was able to swaw in the devices after I re added them to the network. Took about 2 hours.

Did you try the config button before you re added them?

Yes. Unfortunately this did nothing