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I installed an IRIS V1 contact sensor. It seems to be working well. However, I noticed going to the 'Events" area, that there are multiple events trigger by the system. No problem at all but I was wondering if this will affect the battery of the device....

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I'm not sure what you mean with "multiple events," but I looked through the history you posted and don't see any duplicates (those can cause problems if you aren't careful with some rules/apps and are usually best fixed in the driver, which staff would have to do). There what I might call frequent events--it looks like temperature changes of just under +/- 0.5 °F might be enough to cause the sensor to send a report, but that at least seems consistent. I assume that's what you're talking about.

Hubitat's driver doesn't let you configure that reporting, and while most Zigbee devices theoretically would (just not exposed to the user; Hubitat tries to sensible defaults), I'm not sure if the Iris v1 sensors actually do. One thing you could try: if Hubitat didn't assign the correct driver for this device on pairing and you manually changed to the current driver, click the "Configure" button on the device page. For standard devices (again not sure about the Iris v1s), this sends configuration to the device that, among other things, affects how its reporting works (again, not user-configurable but possibly different from what the device would do by default). If this driver was assigned at pairing by Hubitat, this shouldn't be necessary, nor do I have knowledge of how Hubitat configures these, though FWIW, my v2 and v3 Iris sensors with Hubitat's drivers seem be configured for about 0.9 °F of change (so less frequently than the above).

I can't say whether it would actually be a problem for these devices. While more frequent than some, it's not absurdly excessive, so who knows. If you notice batteries draining more frequently than they did on Iris, I might re-visit this issue, otherwise I know I have (non-Iris) devices that report temperature several times per hour without issue--but I'm sure a lot of this depends on your batteries (and the type), the specific device, and other factors in your environment.

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Hi there

yes this was exactly my point.... if too many events would be draining the battery.... lets wait and see how it works. Thanks for your time

This is normal and it shouldn’t have any impact on battery performance.

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