Iris v1 key fob button/presence question

I recently acquired one of these key fobs, which I would like to use to close my garage door when leaving for work. I am a bit confused as how to configure it. Does push and release of button 2 get substituted by the condition of the presence, making the button 2 not have a function when it is pressed?

You could also just use the presence of the fob to close the door on departure and use the button for another rule.

The usual use for these is to arm and disarm the HSM in case presence doesn't quite work fast enough. I don't have one configured currently. Are there separate settings for a button press vs. a button hold? If so, you could use press for arm/disarm and hold for open/close.

The problem with using presence for open/close is the timeout delay on departure. You could be gone a few minutes with the door wide open before the system recognized your departure. Recognition of arrival is usually faster though.

I created a presence rule for detecting the fob when arriving home and leaving. I am now having an issue with the fob being present and non present even though I am home.

My garage door actually started to close when I was backing out of my garage this morning. I am now concerned that it may close while I am half way out of the garage.

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These fobs aren't reliable enough to manage a garage door, or any other life safety related device...

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