Iris V1 hardware available

If anyone is interested I have some V1 devices available in both new unopened packaging and used in perfect condition if anyone has an interest.

Available are:
Buttons ,
Smart Plugs,
Key Fobs,
Care Pendants

Shipping is additional and pricing is dependant on the quantity purchased.

Please message me if interested.



Thanks, I got my Smart Plugs and they brand new as advertised and arrived quickly. You got to love the Iris V1 hardware. It was really well made and very reliable. Good to know that you will be a source for these devices while they last, anyway. Disclaimer, I know Scunny and he is one of the good guys.

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Do you have any contact sensors left? If so what version?

I only have some used ones. Are you using for contact sensors or temp sensors? If temp, I have hundreds of other new V1 sensors that would work.

I need them for temp sensors for a freezer. I was hoping to use the Iris version 1 with the titanium CR2 batteries from battery junction.

I can pick out some used ones in good shape or send you some V1 smart buttons that are brand new. They also use the CR2 batteries. The Titanium from battery junction is also my choice for CR2's.

Which one would be better for freezing temps?

Either, the contacts, motions and buttons all work well. I have used them in a freezer at sub zero and in my business at temps greater than 125 for times more than 96 hours at at time.

How much for the contact sensors a piece?

10 each plus shipping for used.

Did you use your sensors with a ziplock bag in the freezer? Also do you have PayPal? Do you have any new ones as well?

I just place the sensor directly in the freezer and fridge, I do have PayPal and I do have some brand new ones but I'm holding on to those. If you're just after the temp reporting the buttons work just as well and I have adequate amounts of brand new ones.

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I was able to a few more on eBay. Thanks for the offer.

How much for the new buttons?

15 plus shipping.