Iris Smart Plug Model#773911 - HA1.2 compliance


I was just given a handful of these but I'm pretty sure they aren't HA1.2 compliant and would probably kill my mesh somehow. Does anyone know if there is a firmware update available to bring them up to spec?


Unfortunately no, they use a non-standard zigbee and won't integrate with anything other than the Iris hub.


Well that's a bummer. Thanks for the response!


No worries. If you want to read more about them, I found @srwhite's old post on the ST forum:


Hmmm...I may need to cannibalize one and see if I can turn it into an ESP8266 relay instead. Yeahhh..That's the Ticket! :sunglasses:


These were part of the AlertMe/1st Gen Iris System. They use a proprietary Zigbee profile. Others have had success reverse engineering it.

These folks claim to have them figured out. They are coming out with a hub that will have 2 Zigbee sticks, one for a HA1.2 profile, and the other for AlertMe/IrisV1. I am not signing for that beta as I've disposed of my old Iris V1 devices a very long time ago, but you might want to.


Hmmm...Interesting to know. I'll have to check that out. Thanks Man!


WOW that App of theirs is bright!! I'll need to order sunglasses first :smiley:


I think it was designed by Mattel.