Iris sensor V3 help iL07_1

I have an Iris motion sensor, version 3. This baby worked great to turn on my entryway lights for months. Then it stopped working. I removed it from my list of devices and factory reset it. Removed the battery and held in the button while I put the battery in. When I discover "Iris v1 ZigBee pairing" it shows up as "Found Previously Joined Device" However it is definitely not in my list of devices.

If I try to use "motion" as a trigger for any apps, there are no sensors available, so I know I'm not missing it. Since this is a V3 I don't remember if I originally used regular ZigBee device pairing, or "Iris v1 ZigBee pairing" However if I try to use regular ZigBee, nothing shows up. Thanks guys!

Itโ€™s definitely not Iris v1 zigbee pairing.

I would try resetting the device one more time and pairing with the regular zigbee discovery process (not Iris v1).


As @marktheknife indicated, this is to be paired as a regular zigbee device.

From your description of how you reset it, it is not properly factory reset. Hereโ€™s the reset procedure:


Well I did your steps instead and I got the red lights, then clicked it 4 times and get the solid blue color and then it starts to blink. Which is right on with those instructions. However even with using regular ZigBee pairing it shows up as previously paired device.

Had you removed the previous device created?


I don't see any devices in my device list that is a sensor. And in case I missed it I have checked my app to add motion and there are no sensors available.

If the platform indicates that the device was previously paired, but you can't find a sensor, then it is likely that the device's driver was changed at some point of time to something other than a sensor.

Zigbee device id's are fixed. I would check your list of zigbee devices to find one with an id that matches your V3 sensor.

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Ah, I found it under the name "device" it looks like it didn't add as a generic sensor. I appreciate the help! Both with recommending using regular ZigBee and how to properly reset! Now I have been able to add this sensor and found a driver to make it work like it used to! No more dark entry way for me! I love Hubitat and this community makes this the best smart home hub I have ever owned. Thanks you too!!! :slight_smile: