Iris plugs compatibility question

I have several Iris outlets. On the back of all of them it shows the model number being CW-1606a.

Are these switches compatible with Hubitat?

I have read lots about v1 vs v2 and I don't know which version these are. I bought them last summer so I can't imagine they are all that old. The model numbers that others have posted don't correspond. Google search as turned up nothing and I'm starting to feel like I'm the only one in the world who bought these.

Once again, can anyone please confirm whether or not Iris by Lowes model CW-1606a will work on Hubitat.
Thank you

That is the infamous first generation that will not work. (But I'm sure you're aware Iris will give you a credit for them, at least if you had them paired to Iris.)

Thank you . I received the prepaid card in the mail today.

@srwhite is working on cracking the code for the iris V1 plugs. Hopefully he'll figure it all out


I have a bunch of the CW1606A model plugs also...
Would dearly love to get them working, tried discovering them, no luck.

Tried w/ the Iris V1 ZigBee tab, and the regular ZigBee tab,
Also tried several of the different channels...alas, no luck.
These plugs are the main reason I bought a Hubitat.

Any help would be appreciated!

Try resetting the plug first, then pair it. I have 4 of the version 1 plugs that all work flawlessly since the update. I believe you unplug then, hold the button for 8 seconds, then plug it in and press the button 8 times(1 press per second). The light should start flashing. Then add them one at a time. There are still videos online from Lowe's on how to do this process as well.

Is the CW1606A a wifi Iris plug?

Yes, It was called the 'WiFi Smart Switch'

The wifi switches are not compatible. It needs to be z wave or zigbee

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Sorry, I also have 2 of those and they currently do not work with hubitat. This is a possibility that someone my figure out how to use them, assuming they are not cloud dependent.

If it's any consolation they likely don't work with any other hubs, at this point.

The good news is Iris is relasing their code and some smart people MAY figure it all out.
See this thread: