Iris Plug shows Dead Re-Initialize

Hello all,

I have an Iris Smart plug that I can't seem to get the Z-Wave to pair. It is currently showing in the Z-Wave info as Dead Re-Initialize. A repair and exclude don't seem to work and discover isn't helping either

What am I missing?

Update: Well I finally got it working. The Z-Wave as listed as a device, changed it to the Generic Z-Wave and that part started working, then Zibgee wasn't so I removed it and re-added it and now all seems to be good


Too far away from the hub? Have you tried relocating the hub to within a few feet for initial pairing? Have you excluded it from smartthings and factory reset before pairing?

Hi EdwardN,

1-2 feet from the hub, yes I excluded it from ST. Not sure how to factory reset it actually, not to mention getting it into pairing mode is very painful

I finally got it working

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