Iris outlet - turn on or off

I would think this would stick out to me - but for some reason I'm not sure.

So I have a bunch of Iris Outlets - they are all added as devices just fine (both Zigbee and ZWave).

Problem is - I have a floor fan connected to one of them and I can't figure out how to control it in HE. I went into the button controller and it only lets me work with Pico's and Scenes.

What are the steps for configuring buttons / devices like that.

Your Iris outlets should all show up as a smart Switch device. You can then use these devices in any automation that accepts the Capability "Switch" (which is almost everything!) :wink:

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Ok - I got it - I was actually thinking something else - was setting up IFTTT and forgot to add it to my authorized devices :frowning:

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I just got some - did you add them as zigbee or zwave -is it a choice or can they be added as both? - also for repeating do I add them to both network or will they only repeat the network they are added?

The controlled outlet operates only as a Zigbee device and when paired to your network will act as a repeater. There is a separate Z-Wave radio whose only purpose is to act as a Z-Wave repeater when you join it to your hub (it is not necessary to use the Z-Wave repeater if you don't need it).