Iris Motion V3 - iL07_1 appearance in Logs

I have 3 of these all labeled uniquely.

When I pull up Past Logs and get the links to click on to filter on specific devices I see all my individually labeled devices EXCEPT for these Iris Motions which seem to be grouped under their driver name:
"Generic Zigbee Motion/Humidity Sensor"

Wondering what's different to cause this. I always chg these default labels but for some reason it is not carrying to the logs. I was able to use the devices by
Label in Apps.

Thanks in advance for insights.

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"Past Logs," if memory serve, take the oldest display name (label if present, otherwise name) for the device that was still in use when the oldest entry for that device in the past logs were created. This is often the name of the driver the device paired with. Past logs are limited to a certain size (256 KB if that information is still accurate) and will eventually be pruned; in the meantime, you'll see what you describe. Live logs, or at least live logs where the page has been refreshed recently, shouldn't show the same issue, and I assume they don't since you specifically called out past logs here.

So, at this point: just a waiting game. :slight_smile:

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Ah, I see. Makes sense and fits w/ what I am seeing.

Will let the new one settle in..


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