Iris Motion Sensor (Centralite) 2nd gen - keep becoming inactive in recent HE updates

I have many Iris Motion Sensors (2nd Gen Centrelite) and always worked will on ST and the same for HE for months. However, lately (say the last couple weeks or so), I keep having to pull and replace the battery in several of them as they become inactive. I know this is not the fault of the device because my history with them has proven them fast, efficient and reliable. I'm not sure what changed in these last HE firmware updates, but again, in earlier versions, I was not seeing this. They worked well with HE.

Anyone with empirical knowledge shed any light on the matter? Probably should have just filed this as a support ticket, but just in case others have some good info, it's worth the post here.



There were no changes to these drivers, or the zigbee networking in 2.0.2, or 2.0.1
Any hub reboot can cause zigbee devices to hunt for a new parent (router), the hub has no control over what a device decides to use as its parent, and if it picks a bad one (certain zigbee bulbs for instance), the device isn't able to reach the hub.
A battery pull on the device usually does the same thing.
So its possible that the hub booting causes the device to fetch a new (bad) router, then when the hub comes back on line, the next battery pull the device picks the hub as its parent...

Thanks for that explanation. However, even after a battery pull, it can happen again without a hub reboot, if that helps further impart the experience.

FWIW, I have probably half a dozen or more of these sensors and haven't noticed any problems with any recent updates. In addition to Mike's advice, have you considered the possibility that the batteries are running low? Normally this causes spurious active/inactive motion events, but after a certain point they'll stop doing anything at all, but if if it can still manage barely enough voltage, a re-seat of the battery can make it "check in" (and make it "ACTIVE" in the device sense, probably "active" for motion as well).

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One more thing to add. Any changed to your home wifi? It's a possible cause due to interference as well. Download a wifi scan app for a quick peek.


I'm glad to hear your experience is good. Yes all of the batteries are routinely replaced and all of late are fresh as I addressed that as part of basic procedure.