Iris motion Sensor Battery consumption

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HAs anyone else had problems with their Iris Motion sensors where the batteries drain like over night? I just put a new battery in one last night and this morning it is dead. I don't see anything in the device events that says it was even doing anything.

I have 7 of these and have not seen this issue.

Is this a new Iris motion sensor or one that has been working on Smart things without issue? There have been some mentions of faulty ones on the Smart things forum that drain their batteries quickly, if yours is new you can just exchange it. If it has been working fine on Smart things but is not working on Hubitat, check your mesh. It may not have a close enough repeater.

It was working before. I don't think it's a mesh thing because I have some zigbee window sensors that are in the same room and they work fine.

If it's in demo mode, this will happen. The led flashes all colors. Best to just reset it and let Hubitat rediscover. A battery reseat sometimes works though.

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Factory reset and then remove battery for at least 10 seconds.

I ended up doing that and what I found was this one sensor has a problem connection to the zigbee mesh from that location. I bought a new sensor and it works fine from that location. This one has to be much closer to the hub. Is this a sign of a sensor failing? The replacement is the same model.

Not certain. Might be a firmware difference. I don't have Iris branded centralite motion sensors, mine are Sylvania Lightify branded centrallite, but I've experienced this type of issue with a Iris zigbee leak sensor from centralite. A replacement resolved those two issues when a factory reset and battery pull did not.

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