Iris/Linear Garage Door Controller

One of mine paired with the hub in the room above them. The other one had to be moved into the garage. Although it was in the same vertical plane. then secure pairing was successful. Thank goodness for my Zyxel ethernet to wireless adapter.

My two openers don't have a remote sensor, if that why they're reporting low battery?

Found that a 2GIG TILT SENSOR 2GIG-TILT1-345 will work with these garage door controllers and is required for it to work. There are a lot of controllers without the tilt switch on ebay. Without the tilt switch, it will pair through z-wave but will not show door status or operate the unit.

To pair the 2GIG TILT SENSOR 2GIG-TILT1-345 to the GD00Z-x controller, hold the sensor close the controller, press and hold the round button on the side of the controller until it beeps once and then tilt the sensor to the horizontal position (open) position while pressing the little black button on the sensor (or with the cover on the sensor). The controller will beep once and it is paired. This will pair the two and it'll work.

There are also several brands that will not work (such as my Chamberlain MyQ Models) with the motion switch and light control button due to the digital data transfer to the motion / lock / light switch. If you remove the smart control switch, and just use the 2 wires to a doorbell button, it may work. It did work for me after removing the smart controller.

From the manufacture:
Linear GD00Z Garage Door Opener Remote Controller Accessory Product Compatibility Information
The GD00Z is compatible with the vast majority of sectional garage door openers manufactured after 1993, however there are a few that have been identified as being incompatible*.
Since 2013 some garage door opener manufacturers have incorporated custom features that utilize a proprietary interface from the wall button to the motor. The GD00Z does not support these special interfaces.

The following is a listing of those operators that are known to be NOT compatible with Linearโ€™s GD00Z Controller:
*Please note that our controller is also incompatible with MyQ garage door models
Chamberlain MyQ Models:
WD832KEV, WD1000WF
HD 930EV, 950WF & 420EV
LW500EV, LW9000WF
PD752D & KPV
Genie Series III Models:
PowerMax 1500, Pro 1024, 2028
TriloG 1200 & 1500 PowerLift 900
IntelliG 1000 & 1200, CM8600
LiftMaster MyQ Models:
2575, 2585, 2595 3800PLD, 3585 ,7356, 7675,
8155, 8355, 8360, 8500, 8522, 8550,
8557, 8587W & 8587WL
Craftsman AssureLink / MyQ Models:
3043 & 30437
Raynor: OverHead Garage Door:
Ultra II Odyssey 1200
Synergy 270

Always read to the bottom of the thread. Thanks guys, I had it paired but had forgot to pair the sensor. Paired the sensor and all is good. Thanks OP and jd1