Iris/Linear Garage Door Controller Repeating

Does anyone know if the Iris/Linear Garage Door Controller acts as a repeater? I replaced almost all of my older z-wave devices with newer plus devices over the last few months... The support folks have been working with me trying to figure out some pairing issues I've recently experienced. In the process, I've been wondering if the four remaining older z-wave devices on my network are contributing to the problem and/or slowing down my mesh because they are repeating...

Two other devices are older CT-101 thermostats, but I have read how to pair them so they will not repeat... (Disconnect the power wire and pair them under battery power.)

Does anyone know IF the garage door controllers repeat and if so, can they be paired in a way to stop repeating?

The GD00Z-4 Garage door controller is a Z-Wave Plus device and is capable of repeating. It is a secure device and should have been included that way. I don't know if there are parameters that can be set to disable repeating or not but I wouldn't disable repeating if it were me. If you are having problems during pairing, simply unplug the controller until you are done pairing.

Good idea to unplug it... I will try that... As for the mesh, I have the IRIS versions and they are not z-wave plus... In fact the last day or so I've been scouring the internet looking for a plus version... Everything I have read is they are ALL older z-wave... The GD00Z 1-5's... The versions appear to only have to do with marketing... I have not found one with a plus radio.

Can you check the "fingerprint" of yours and see if it has the 0x5E which indicates plus? Mine do not have that code...

I do have the Plus version. I was not aware that Iris had sold a version other than the GD00Z-4. Even though it isn't a Plus, your controller should repeat as it is plugged in.

Wow, very cool. Can you point me to where you go it? I would replace mine with the plus verison if possible...

As it is, since it is not plus, I don't want it repeating... That's why I was hoping for either a work around or to find one with a plus radio...

If all my other devices are plus, having a non-plus in the mix could be contributing to my pairing issues (my own thoughts) but will definitely slow down my mesh for the other devices...

I think I got mine through Amazon (hey next day free shipping) Make sure it is the GD00Z-4. A single non Plus device does impact the entire network.

Ok, couldn't find anything on Amazon that mentioned or had pictures of a plus radio... Did find some on eBay though... Apparently, they have made models up to 7... The latter ones have the plus radio symbol on the box...

I'll prolly try to replace my older models with the plus version even if it doesn't fix my pairing problems.. Thanks for the heads up... :slight_smile:

​This is the plus version. You need to look further down the page.

@SuperDupe The Gocontrol website still lists the GD00Z-4 as the current product.

I saw that one, but in the pictures up at the top to the left its the older z-wave logo... Wasn't gonna bet on that... The listings on e-bay have pictures of the packaging and some of those clearly show the new plus logo... Amazon is great with the free shipping, but sometimes the third party sellers are a little iffy... Here is the pic from the top.. Also, check out this link from the z-wave alliance...

Go down that page closer to the bottom. Zwave Plus logo.

Just saw that when you pointed it out... I never scrolled farther cause the logo at the top stopped me... Good catch... I'm also seeing on the z-wave alliance page the GD00Z-4 lists a hardware revision 2... Maybe version 1 was the older z-wave radio.... In any event, I have the IRIS branded one and its not the plus...

Found this on the SmartThings website...

"For example, for their garage door controller:

GD00Z-1 = Lowes Iris box

GD00Z-2 = Linear box, also distributed with
ADT Pulse sticker

GD00Z-3 = Nexia box

GD00Z-4 = GoControl box, now available in a newer version which is Zwave plus

GD00Z-5 = Linear packaging

NGD00Z = Nutone packaging

All the same device, usually with the same user manual, but a different box and a different sticker on the front.

edited to update 2 March 2017"

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I don't see the GD00Z-7 available anywhere. It lists S2 security, which Hubitat doesn't (yet??) support. If it only allowed S2 it might be an issue.

Yup... Interesting anyway... Someone was selling three on ebay...

and there is this site... anyway, thanks for your suggestion... I would have given up on this device without looking at it further.

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Are these devices still functioning for you guys after about a year of use? I remember reading on the ST forums that these devices had issues with their electrical components and how they were made and would cause them to stop working around the 12 to 14 month mark and GoControl was indicating they were out of warranty and wouldn't replace them. I haven't purchased one or any garage door controller as a result. If this issue has been overcome, I'll certainly reevaluate my thoughts on purchasing.

I have two original IRIS first generation versions that have worked perfectly on both IRIS and now Hubitat... I just ordered two newer versions with the plus radio so we'll see how they pan out...

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