Iris Keypad V2 communication dropping

I have a Iris Keypad V2 that arms and disarms HSM. I also use RE to arm HSM as well (Not sure if it matters).

The keypad lights on the bottoms bounce back and forth after waking it up. Ive done the following:

  • checked the battery (77%)
  • deleted and re-added it to the network (I've added an zigbee outlet since to act as repeater. I wasn't sure if the zigbee route would update on its own).

Re-adding it fixed if for a few weeks and now its doing it again. I'm not sure where to troubleshoot next. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I get this with some of my iris motion sensors. Consider adding some zigbee repeaters to help with this. did you check on the signal in zigbee information and in the routing table to get some idea of what might be wrong? Zigbee mesh is always changing, so if you have a squirrely repeater, or a device on the outer edge, you could experience this.
http://yourhubipaddress/hub/zigbee/getChildAndRouteInfo - replace yourhubipaddress with the actual ip address to your hub. Mabye that will give you some info?

I had the same issue with mine. It's very intermittent. Rebooting the Hubitat fixes the issue in my case.

However, I found that when the battery got down to 70% it became more frequent and replacing the batteries fixed the issue. Just a guess, but maybe Zigbee signal strength goes down with the battery. In my network, the keypad is the only Zigbee device and it's about 20 feet away through a couple of walls.

I'll check the routes this weekend. I have a peanut outlet in between the hub and the keypad and it fixed it for a week or two (not sure what changed).

I did solve the problem by using a ethernet over powerline set to move the hubitat to a more central location in my place but I consider that 'fix' more of a band-aid. I'll move it back, let the network settle out for a while and check the routes.

It's controversial, but there are some that say that peanuts cause instability in zigbee mesh. I removed mine, but I only had two. I'm using the Iris zigbee plugs with zwave repaters built in. Um .. I think @Ryan780 posted his findings, but I can't find his post on it right now.

I observed on my zigbee routing table that the peanut plug would jump from one repeater to the next every few seconds. And no devices like repeating through them when I mapped my network with my Xbee. Since removing them, my network is a lot faster and more responsive. I moved it over to my "problem children" zigbee network and the two Cree bulbs I have on the outside of the house love repeating through it and it works great. But there are no sensors on that network, and all of the lights on that network are not anything I would notice if they were slow to turn on. So, if they are still causing a problem, it's not noticeable to me anymore.

And I'd like to point out...the only reason that I took them off my primary network was because no one could tell me why they would hop from one repeater to another like that and if it was normal or not. It didn't seem like it was correct, so I asked on here. No one gave me an answer, so I removed them. I never suggested that others do that. I merely said that's what I was doing.

A follow up on this. My xfinity keypad started behaving the same requiring me to log in with my phone to disable the alarm. At this point it was about a month since my hubitat was power cycled so I thought hey, why not. As soon as it reboot it was back and snappy on both keypads.

I dont think I'm doing anything that would bog it down after a while but am not sure. Not the biggest fan of a required power cycle. Any thoughts on the need for a reboot?

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