IRIS Keypad Change Mode, NO HSM

This has probably been covered here somewhere, but I can't find it.

I'm not using HSM. I have an IRIS V2 keypad that paired up just fine. All I want to do is change the mode based on the Keypad entry. Home, Away, NIght. I tried setting up a rule in RM, but it didn't seem to do anything. Tried both triggered and condition rule.

Can someone give me a hint as to how to do this?

When you setup your triggers, did you trigger on button push? In RM, you can trigger off a button (which I believe the keypad exposes events for). I don't think you can trigger off of a keypad code though.

OK, that worked. I had to select security keypad instead of key codes.

Now my problem is, if the mode is set some other way the keypad doesn't know it and it won't change the mode if it already thinks it's in that mode. So got to figure out how to set the keypad to the current mode.

That's easy; Just exclude mode checking from your conditions and have it so that when you change the mode from a keypad, that mode gets set every time.

Not sure what you mean. I am using a trigger rule. No conditions there.

Oh! Can you post your rule? There's no reason the keypad shouldn't change mode in a trigger even if something else set the mode beforehand. If the mode is the same, it wouldn't change, but if you are requesting Away mode and it's in Home mode, then it should change.

Here is the rule. I have 3 rules, one for each mode. If I set the mode from the keypad, I can then change it from the keypad. But if I set the mode another way the keypad will not change it.

I think I see the problem. Since the rule sees the keypad already disarmed the rule doesn't see a change. What I need is someway to update the keypad with the current mode, no matter where it got changed from.

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BINGO! That was the first thing that stuck out to me.

You could create a rule that tracks the mode state and stuffs it into a global variable. Then, you could read said variable from your rules and you have your mode tracking.

What I would do is create one rule for each each mode (using the mode change as a trigger). In the action for it, set a global variable to what the mode is. Then, in your keypad rules, check what the variable is and act on that.

If you're not using HSM, then why do you have a Keypad at all? This seems like it would be a lot easier to do with something else. Why bother screwing with a keypad to set your mode?

I have my own alarm app. HSM, just like SHM in ST, just doesn't do what I want. Maybe I'm a little weird, but my own app does exactly what I want it to do. I couldn't duplicate it in HSM.

I'm pretty sure there's a command to set the keypad mode which I can make work. I just have to figure out what it is. In ST it was setDisarmed, setArmedAway, etc. May be the same thing her. It will be a couple days before I can mess with it. Got to hit the road.

EDIT: Just looked at the capability list. There appears to be commands: armAway(), armHome(), and disarm(). I will try those when I get back.


Well, then I would think you would want to tie the keypad into that app. That app in turn should set the mode based on it's status. I mean, if you have another app that's doing everything, then have it do this too. Or am i missing something?

Yes and No. That's probably what I will end up doing. My alarm is based on mode. Whenever the mode changes it determines the alarm state. There are a number of things that can change the mode. Presence, Switches, Dashboard switches, etc. Then my app picks up the mode change and goes from there.

I did a quick test and figured out that the armAway(), etc. will set the keypad status. So I will work from there and make it happen.