Iris Keypad and Mode Question

Hey all. I've been reading lots of the posts on the Iris il02_1 keypad and Im afraid i'm broken. The keypad is set up fine. My goal is to use the keypad to arm and disarm a safe alarm, which is comprised of two contact sensors on two safes, and a virtual switch to "arm and disarm" monitoring those switches with some alerts. This has worked fine using the dashboard to arm and disarm, however in the spirit of automation and adding toys, I wanted to incorporate the keypad. So, what I found was building the rule for Keypad and Entering code required quite the sequence to flip the virtual switch. I had the rule to toggle, so when I enter the code on the keypad and arm, nothing toggles. But when I enter the code and disarm, it toggles. So to toggle again, I have to arm, then disarm the keypad. I didnt see a way in the rule to use "armed or disarmed" as the trigger. So i'm now reverting to modes. I'm not a expert on modes, but I udnerstand them. I have HSM installed but not configured yet, and Modes are set up only as "Away, Stay and Disarmed". Im not sure if I will use the HSM and Modes as an alarm, but its possible, so I didnt want to totally mess with modes. However, my thoughts are, since the keypad seems to be build better around modes, creating a new mode "Safe Armed" and "Safe Disarmed" and using those to trigger the scenes. HOWEVER, what I don't want is for my HSM and Mode to sit in "Safe Armed" and "Safe Disarmed" mode all day. I can't seem to figure out how to have the mode revert back to Home, or Away, or whatever it was prior. So I come to you to get your insight, tips or tricks to accomplish this. I guess i'm trying to use the modes secondary to what they're used for, but ultimately I would like to use the keypad to toggle between safe armed and safe disarmed mode to control my virtual switch, but auto revert after a second or so, back to Home or Away, or the basic original modes for home security. Your ideas are greatly apprecaited, thank you!