Iris gen2 motion battery and temp no Motion

Have a couple iris gen2 motion sensors and been working fine for a year plus, tried paring another one and only battery and temperature shows up, no motion.
also this shows on the bottom of the new ones but not in the older ones
" Scheduled Jobs

Handler Next Run Time Prev Run Time Status Schedule
logsOff 2022-08-07 1:53:42pm EDT PENDING Once

any suggestion to get motion working

The first thing I would try is to remove it from the hub, then bring it close to it and re-try pairing it.


As I recall that's a run-once job that gets scheduled when you pair a Zigbee device (it turns debug logging off, assuming you'll no longer need it once the device is up and running).


Tried this same result model: 3326-L

those above are from the new one I just re-paired

these 2 images are from the ones that have been installed for over a year

Guess I should have mentioned I have a C7 hub with the latest firmware , when the older Iris motion sensors were connected then were connected to a C5 hub then migrated to the C7

that run job time ran out and motion was still not available

All the job does is turn off debug logging some time after the initial pairing, so not likely to affect its functionality.


Also the standard battery pull.

As mentioned above, that scheduled job is unrelated.

So, assuming there's actually motion, this seems like to me one of two things: either a configuration problem (manually running the "Configure" command or re-pairing, which should also run this command, should help if that's it) or some device problem. I've seen reports of hardware failure recently and think I experienced this myself with one that's probably 6 years old now. Here's one post about this particular problem:

Maybe that describes your case, too? (And perhaps it becomes more likely over time, which is why there might be some reports of this now that I never remember hearing of before, as they've been discontinued for years.)


This occurred on one of the 20 or so Iris Gen 2 motions I have. I found that it was a loose solder connection on mine.


I have tried 2 new ones same result

tried a 3rd unit and it registered motion.
don't really understand , whats up with the other 2 as when you walk in front of them the LED flashes green

Try pressing configure and then trigger motion then check to see if motion is displaying under current states. You could also try pairing the one that aren't showing the motion state again.

How many zigbee repeaters are on your mesh? I just paired a new Iris 3326-L in place that I hadn't previosly paired on a C7 with the latest firmware ( and motion worked as expected.

I would definitely check the soldering of the board. I recently had to re-solder the battery connection for an Iris V2 Smart Fob that had come off.

@Brandon my Platform Version, and I'm paring the units 7-8 feet away from the hub, so it should not be utilizing a repeater al tho possible as there is a wired zigbee in the same room. Did not try to run a to repair the zigbee network. for what ever reason 1 of the 2 motion sensors that previously was not picking up motion has started working

Sorry my wording was unclear. I meant to try pairing the motion sensor again. Not repair the zigbee network, as zigbee self heals.

It is possible you have some interference with other wifi devices. What channel is your hub currently on? 15, 20 and 25 are typically the best to use for zigbee.



Channel 20, there are wifi AP's near by, usually do not have a issue paring devices

This a great channel for Zigbee, IMHO. I have a bunch of Iris v2 Zigbee sensors that work great on this channel.

If possible, make sure the WiFi Access Points only use 2.4GHz channels 1, 6, and/or 11 with a channel width of 20MHz. 5GHz WiFi will not interfere with Zigbee, so channel choice there really does not matter with respect to Zigbee.

Some routers/WiFi Access Points will try to automagically choose 2.4GHz channels that they believe are the least congested. Some even change over time on their own. This can eventually lead to Zigbee interference. Thus, it is best to try to force one's 2.4GHz WiFi network to only use channels 1, 6, and/or 11.

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Thank you ALL for the info.

@ogiewon I applied the 20MHz infrequence, the channel selection I a+had already had set on those 3

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Where are these Iris v2 motions sensors from? Bought used? Or bought new and stored for a long time?

If they were used, I'd suggest making sure you are using a new battery and also doing a reset on them before you pair them.

I've about 2 dozen of them in use (and another 6 or so new-in-box as spares). I had one that failed to report motion when I initially installed it, but that was back in 2016 and I was able to get it replaced at Lowes. I had another that stopped reporting motion after I accidentally dropped 7 feet onto a hard surface. But other than that they've pretty reliable.

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I purchased a 10pk from EBay about 2 years ago , when they connect the battery is 85% plus