Iris alarm step by step

I bought Hubitat simply to replace my Iris system, and cannot find a SIMPLE step by step instruction to do so.

Facebook has been better than the forum, all but I get is annoyed "techie" people and an array of confusing jargon.

All II want to do is make my door contact sensors ring an alarm and or text my phone.

Shouldn't be too hard ….



I have managed to assemble a dashboard tile,
which does nothing.
I have managed to have the Hubitat recognize 2 door contact sensors and an Iris V1 keypad
I have given instructions to the contact sensors (text my cell etc.)
The V1 pad is recognized but has no controls, I have been advised that it is not supported (nice)

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It sounds like you are in the position I was in just a few weeks ago. Hang in there. The learning curve is steep, but you will find it gets easier as you go.

First off, what devices do you have? You mentioned getting 2 door contact sensors working. That is a start. As for the V1 keypad, I have one sitting in a box waiting to see if it will one day be supported. I have a working V2 keypad. It turns out that the keypad is not really needed. It is nice to have, but the phone and key fobs work just as well or better.

You will likely find that if the contact sensors notify you too often, that you run out of text messages that can be sent by Hubitat. There is a daily limit. A better alternative is an app called Pushover. Set that up on your smart phone and get the API key and User key to enter in the Pushover Notifications device page. It is a small one-time charge to have Push notifications that have a cap far above what anyone could expect to use in a day's time.

I am guessing that you have searched and found the device compatibility list. If your devices are on it, then they will work. If not, don't waste time trying (e.g. the V1 keypad). But do check back as more devices keep getting added.

The apps are where the real smarts in the system exist. The Hubitat Safety Monitor (HSM) is the key one for home security. If you have smart plugs, you can use a sensor such as contact or motion to enable turning on that plug (and a light plugged into it). A lot depends though on what devices you have. It is hard to tell unless you list what you have and what you are trying to accomplish. That would provide more useful information to anyone trying to assist.