iPhone notification tone

Can the iPhone Hubitat notification tone be changed? Looks like being a 3rd party app there is no place to change it on iPhone. Hoping there is somewhere on the Hubitat side.

It uses the default tone on IOS. This was a change from apple, not Hubitat. You can use pushover and use different sounds based on the severity of the notifications. It's what I've been using for years.

The default tone can be changed for notifications in 17.2+

Yes but it's the default. You can't change it individually for Hubitat alone. You used to be able to.

Hubitat notifications tone on my iphone 15 pro are "Ding". I have changed the default tone to "input". Hubitat is still "Ding".

I’ve never been able to configure the notification sound in the Hubitat iOS app.

Would be nice to have more flexibility, which only some apps offer (like pushover as you mentioned).


You used to around ios 13 I believe...