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Hello, just jumped from Vera to Hubitat. I've made dashboards on my desktop, but I can't get them onto the mobile app. I get a white screen and the message "No response from hub".


@user3158 Not sure if my interjection here can help as I am new to hubitat. I have an older ipad mini 2 that can't even update anymore and won't take new apps, I found that I had to use the legacy link to my dashboards I made.
It worked, might be something to do with the older version of safari.

Okay, I got dashboards up on my iPhone - was a IP conflict on my router (who knew). Now to figure out how to right size dashboards for my iPhone, iPad, etc... any tips?

shape your desktop browser to phone shape so you can get an idea. Under the dash's options tabs leave column with and height blank for auto fit.

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Ah, thank you! Didn’t push all the setting buttons.

Now to figure out how to make different dashboards for my wife’s phone.

And how to get only 1 copy of devices to show under “Light/Switches” on the app.

For each dash you should only expose what is going to be on that particular dash. DO NOT SELECT ALL DEVICES FOR A DASH! This would slow things down. On her phone have her log in and let it create a new device (this is for notifications, she can use your email login, you do not have to create a separate login for her). Just label her dash, Wife's Name and put what she wants in it. For me personally I use very little in the dashboard. I prefer automation and to interact with things as little as possible. I only use the dashboard to look at status's of a few things. Otherwise everything runs itself without me trying to remote control it (remote control is not automation)

That's awesome! Do you know how to "default" to a dash on the mobile app?

Usually It will open to the last one but what you can do is make a direct link to it and place a short cut on your home screen.

In the mobile app settings menu, toggle the “enable custom dashboard” switch and then paste in the URL for the dashboard you want it to default to when opening the app.

Ooh I actually did not know this myself...(Will tuck this bit of info away in my mental notebook)

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