iPad with Hubitat Dashboard

this is using an old ipad air and a flush wall mount i got from amazon and i have a relay z-wave switch that turns power to the ipad on and off on a schedule. i love the way it looks and most importantly it has a high WAF... for now i am using a standard HE Dashboard with some custom CSS


I really want to switch from a fireHD to a ipad! A have a large POE switch for the home network and love that you can get POE adapters for iPads. That mount is awesome!

What kind of lock down are you using? For Android there is a Fully Kiosk. Allows the device to be kept in a state for dashboard use.

I use Kiosker Pro it uses the camera to detect human face to take it out of screen saver mode. it does not do anything on movement only when it detects a face looking at it.

It works well. the screensaver can be a clock, photo slideshow or blank screen.


This is the mount i used...


You can use guided-access, which is part of the OS, to lock down the iPad's screen, Also if you are using Homekit for your dashboard, you can use a motion sensor to wake up the iPad,

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i use guided-access to lock the ipad to the Kiosker Pro app. the Kiosker App has a nice feature that recognises a face that is looking directly at the ipad and kicks it off the screensaver. Truly a nice feature.

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Hey All,
I'm using an iPad Pro 9.7" with a browser app that is really flexible and keeps the choice of my Homepage locked when firing up.
The app is called 'Perfect Web Browser v25.5' which I ended up paying a once off fee to support the creator and unlock additional features.
I'm also using Smartly Dashboard as it's rock solid, easy to use and not an eye sore.
Hope that helps...


what are you usine for the weather.. Dark Sky as far as i know is not accepting any API requests :frowning:


I so want to learn how to create dashboards like those.

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If you turn off the iPad with the wave relay then the battery would just take over?

Are you referring to Kiosk Pro Plus?

By the way it looks great. I want to copy it!!!!

that looks fantastic !!

Haha I am doing the same using a fire tablet but my wife is not thrilled. WAF for fire tablet is not good enough haha.

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