IP refuses to Connect

Hi All! I've reached out to customer support before 6 pm est, and I still received the automated message, so I'll just attribute that to COVID...

I'm reaching out to see if anyone can help. My device is connected directly to my router is is viewable on the home page. I have Netgear Orbi and can view the device as discovered on that. However, when I try to access the ip to be able to view the dashboard, I get either a refuses to connect message or that the connection timed out.

I've looked back at past issues that other people have had, and I've done an unplug, waited then plugged back in. I've also cleared my entire cache.

I appreciate your kind help!!!


Welcome to Hubitat!

A few questions:

  1. Have you tried finding your hubitat by going to portal.hubitat.com?
  2. What is the color of the LED on your Hubitat? Is it red, blue or green?
  3. Can you ping the IP address indicated by your Netgear Orbi as being assigned to the Hubitat?
  1. Yes, my hub populates on portal.hubitat
  2. The light color is green.
  3. Ping results -> Request timeout for icmp_seq

Thank you so much for helping me!!

Aha - we're getting somewhere.

  1. Can you access your hub from portal.hubitat.com? Or does that also time out?
  2. Green is great - it means your hub was online (even if only transiently)
  3. The ping results indicate that your Hubitat has a different IP address than that indicated on the Orbi webpage

I think there was an Auto - Negotiation issue with Netgear routers when they were set to Auto. You could try setting your router to 100mbps.

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I've looked and I don't see a way to do so with the Netgear orbi. Unless I'm missing something?

  1. I can view my hub and info about it, but when I click on the hub, and then select the ip address in blue, that's when I get the timeout or refusal to connect.
  2. Yay for green! When I did the reset, it was blue then went to the green.
  3. Do you think I ought to do a complete uninstall? To have Orbi provide a consistent IP?

No, I think you've run into the issue that @njanda raised.

Can you borrow a non-netgear ethernet switch from someone that you plug into the orbi? And then plug the Hubitat into the switch?

Once you can access the hub, it is simple to enable a fix for the Netgear compatibility issue

Also, I've looked on the Orbi app, and the IP addresses match from what Orbi is reporting and what Hub is reporting.

Let me go see if I have one in my cord box. I'll try and brb.

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I've located another ethernet cable and I've swapped it out. Now I'm waiting on the powercycle to finish

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What brand switch is it?

It was from an at&t/direct tv box. So I've completed the powercycle!

Sorry but @aaiyar was asking about a Switch NOT just a cable.
There should be a setting in the Orbi so what model do you have ??

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Thanks Nic! Yup, that's what I meant.

I have an Orbi RBR50. And I've just googled what a switch is, so there's that. I do not have any ancillary equipment connected to the Orbi. Here's everything that is physically plugged into the Orbi: Modem, Hubitat. And power cord.
I bought this hubitat to function as a Zwave connector to interact with the Schlage Connect that i just installed. I want to access the Hubitat via Orbi. And have everything run via Alexa. So the only reason why I have all this is to be able to open a lock. And I can't even get it to connect.

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Ok so I'm not entirely sure what kind of magic everyone here has, but I'm able to finally access the entire device discovery area.

Thank you all for your emotional support and kind suggestions! I'm going to try and get this set up while I can access it :slight_smile: :smiley:


Ok - so a bit of bad news. Lots of folk here haven't had great experiences with Schlage zwave locks (and they aren't on the compatible device list).

If you can, consider replacing it with a Schlage zigbee lock. Or another brand - Kwikset, Yale or Alfred.


I agree with you about Schlage of course and I know they have been removed from the list, but if he can get it working it’s worth a try.

My z-wave Schlage is two years old and been on HE since May and works great.


Great to hear you're making progress. :+1:
I'm not sure what could have been holding things up, outside of the Auto-Negotiation issue (which "may have" been resolved via Hub update a while back @bobbyD ?).
Whilst I've chosen NOT to use either Alexa OR automated door locks, I recommend you make sure you use a passcode or similar to ensure only YOU have control over who can open your door lock !

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