IP cameras

Hi all, so i have 2 IP cameras and one wyze cam2. i want to know what type or brand of cameras should i get to view on dashboard, amazon echo show, fire stick? can the current ones do that? integrated all with my C7

i am looking to add more but to be reliable on those options to be viewed. any recommendations?

I use foscam's for my dashboard. They work well and are cheap

Out of curiosity, do you direct dashboard tiles straight to each camera's rtsp stream url, or manage them centrally via BlueIris or similar?

i just do a tile to each stream. Though i use Xeoma for my NVR

The simplest way to get an IP camera feed onto a dashboard is to use an mjpeg stream.

So any camera that can do that, and meets any other needs you have, should be fine for a Hubitat dashboard.

Edit: I’ve never actually tried to load a dashboard on my echo show or fire tv, I can’t say for sure they’ll load mjpeg links. Most mobile browsers should though.

what mjpeg stream you use?

That depends on the camera. See the path for the camera you use

Hubitat is not designed to work with camera feeds. It has limited connectivity with Internet devices. The Hubitat dashboard does have the capability of displaying a web page, so if your camera feed is accessible through a specific web page (perhaps using ITTT), then it might work.

Which Echo Show do you have? The original Echo Show devices will work with Ring cameras, but might not work with others brands.

The newer Echo Show 10 versions 2 and 3 come with a built in hub that will work with Zigbee and WiFI devices (but not Z-wave). They might work with cameras other than Ring, but I have only tried Ring.

I suggest you look at the Amazon Alexa web site for further information on the Echo Show devices.

Most standard IP cameras can connect to the LAN. And if they can send an mjpeg stream, they’re not difficult to view on a dashboard at all.

Cloud-dependent cameras are more likely to require hoops to jump through, if they can be integrated into a Hubitat dashboard at all.

I wouldn’t recommend bringing IFTTT into the mix if the goal is to view camera feeds on a dashboard. If that’s even possible.

Hubitat does not work with video streams like RTSP. That being said, if your camera supports a jpeg url, then it is possible to refresh an image in a dashboard display once every few seconds. Wyze cameras do not have a jpeg url. That being said, I have replaced the firmware on my wyze camera and now it has not only a jpeg url, but a web management page and no longer uses the wyze app.

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