IP Camera on Dashboard

I was able to integrate my IP cameras to display on the HE dashboard tile, however its only viewable in Firefox browser and not the Chrome. Is there any workaround / tweak to display on Chrome? Thanks in advance

Can you elaborate on how you added the camera streams to your dashboard? What URL did you use for the streams?

I set this as the image link:
http://user name:password@camera ip/cgi-bin/snapshot.cgi
It works in Firefox & iOS

I think this is the issue. Chrome doesn’t like username and password in the url. I’m not sure if there’s a workaround for that.

The usual way around it is to put the camera through Blue Iris or some other app that will login to an RTSP stream and serve it back out as mjpeg unauthenticated. I used to use motioneye on a Pi but it's a bit clunky and the quality isn't great.

I now use Joe Page's HD+ app for my dashboards as you can add the video stream directly using RTSP. I have one of my Hikvision cams running at 720P, 10 frames per second on four dashboards continuously without missing a beat.

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