IP Address and Hub connectivity

Day 2 (or closer to 2.5) and all is good!

I had to work hard on cleaning up my router. Changed the lease times, set up an exclusion table, statically assigned multiple devices on DHCP reservation table (and on the individual device).

I probably should have done this a long time ago...but way too lazy.

One thing for sure - LFIX bulbs are not your friend...especially when you have a lot. I was experimenting with colored bulbs in a room (15 can lights in the ceiling). Too many IP addresses on a loaded network. I should have factored all the wifi devices into the equation. Stick with zigbee and zwave.

I was going to switch form 192 to 172 for a class B network (but really didn't want to go thru the pain).

I think @bcopeland has 50 or 60 lifx bulbs in his house. He replaced every single bulb with lifx.

He replaced them with LIFX...or had 50-60 LIFX bulbs?

He replaced all the bulbs in his house with lifx. About 50 or so of them

He must have changed to a class A/B network and played around with his subnets...I would assume. That's an awful lot of IP addresses to have...assuming there are several dozen other devices.

In your planning keep in mind HE only supports a /24 subnet, unless that's changed recently.

You can actually change it through an endpoint... For a long time... Since 2.2.9

Restricted non-local access to the hub. Allows non-local subnet whitelisting by using /hub/allowSubnets endpoint, e.g. /hub/allowSubnets?, Running endpoint without parameters displays currently whitelisted subnets.


Really? Never knew that! Good to know.

Almost one week - NO ISSUES. Things seem to finally be working well. It was a messy network. Setting up a cleaner network with some VLAN and a few other chores seems to have helped. I am not sure why the hubs had such a tough time with the DHCP IP addresses though.


What brand/model hubs?

4 Hubitat hubs Rev C7 - purchased about 2-3 years ago (can't remember exact date). I had the same problem at that time and was using Homeseer. I tried to convert over with a single test hub at that time and had too many disconnect issues. Stuck with homeseer. I made the jump back because I liked the hardware - single small hub with all the zigbee/zwave built-in. My homeseer set up was running on a PC with 4 seperate znets (no native zigbee) and I didn't want to upgrade all the hardware. So I gave Hubitat another try.

I'm sorry I meant make/model switches not hubs... my bad

Asus Zen Wifi Pro ET12 with router + 2 APs.
Linksys 48 Port managed switch LGS352C (main switch)

An 8 port POE switch for IP cameras (can't recall the brand)
Another 10 port 10/100 switch for Sonos (10 sonos amps).

which one are the hubitats plugged into?

The linksys switch LGS352C

Look in the management ui of that switch,. Under Jumbo frames it should be on 1522 and no higher.

Jumbo frames were not enabled.

This is not what you want to change the subnet mask for the hub. To do that, you'd need to use one of these:

Probably not related to any of this, but good to know either way. :smiley:


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