Iotty Smart Switch

Has anyone seen or tried these?

About to puchase one. They look great.

It's WiFI only. You don't have an integration with HE and if your internet or their cloud service goes down you cannot control it. Why would you want these?


New to Hubitat, but I have over 100 smart devices from dozens of brands (testing for our next home). iotty isn't perfect, but I like their look and lack of moving parts. Is there no way to integrate iotty switches with Hubitat? Thank you

A $78 cloud only switch!? I don't get it. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Where are you located?


California. I have every switch under the sun and iotty is super reliable and sleek looking, with backlighting. It doesn’t suck. You always get 2 for the price of 1, they’re less pricey than $78

But you're always reliant on their cloud, aren't you? What happens if they go under?

There are so many examples of cloud-dependent IoT devices that turned useless when the cloud they are dependent on is no longer available.


My first impression is that they are very overpriced, and cloud dependent.

Even considering bulk pricing, you could buy 3 Zooz switches, or 2 Inovelli for the same money.

Have they been around long enough to determine that? It appears they have only been around a couple years.

There are numerous examples (almost too many to name) of cloud dependent devices no longer working after the parent company decides to no longer support them, when the cloud company goes bankrupt or is purchased by another entity.

Do you really want to put thousands of dollars of switches in your home that may or may not work any given day depending upon if the internet is up and running, or whether some company based in who knows where (Italy supposedly in this case) still exists?


My internet works really well but cloud-dependent light switches would still be a non-starter for me at any price.


Make a case against Caséta with a Smart Bridge Pro integrated to Hubitat. I’d be interested to hear how these cloud connected switches could even come close. I am betting they cannot.