IoTaWatt WiFi Energy Monitor for sale

Is anybody looking to sell an IoTaWatt WiFi Energy Monitor?
I was going to buy one direct but they have shutdown sales until the Covid crisis is over.

Hi Benny,

I have a brand new Iotawatt Aussie Bundle that has just arrived to me from the states that I don't need anymore. (Ordered September 1, so the delay was significant!)

It comes with 1 x Standard Base V5 and 11 x 50A x 10mm split core CTs.

I am looking to sell for the price I paid for it + any postage costs to you.

$256.40 USD = $363.93 AUD.

Hi @danielmbowker,

Thanks for the reply.
Yes mate, I'll by it off you for sure!!
Could you please email me you details at and I'll call you direct if that's OK?