IOS Push Alert

I just created a new rule that sends a push alert to my IOS device where I have the Hubitat App installed. I get the banner notification that displays a portion of the message, and if I click the banner it takes me into the App, but it doesn't show me the message. It just drops me at the home page where I can see my dashboards. Am I missing something?

If you long press the banner, not tap, does it show the entire message? Or swipe down and long press on the notification?

That does work, but if I miss click there is no way to view the message, right? It would be nice to have tab in the App to view historic notifications.

You can add your mobile device to a dashboard, select attributes, notification text.

When you say Attribute, does that mean template? If not, where do I set that?


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That works, Thanks!

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Thank you. It wouldn’t have occurred to me to add this to my dashboard if you hadn’t asked the question :slightly_smiling_face: