IOS Mobile App Logout / Crashing

Ok, every time there is a new app release, why does it make you log in again? This is a pain when I have the app on the family phones so it can be used as a presence sensor... Plus now, since the latest update, when I try to log back in, it crashes half way through the process...

I deleted the app off the phone, reinstalled and it is still crashing. It won't got to the existing devices page where I can chose the existing phone... It crashed, but then adds another device into my Hub with the name of my phone separate from the existing accounts... :worried:

Plus, I have several rules and notifications that run during the day... They are not being delivered to my phone via the app either...

I updated to the latest Hub version over the weekend.

Ok, after screwing with it and creating several new devices, I decided to keep the newest one (that is was logged into) and delete the rest... That was a pain cause I had to go back into my apps and re-do all the notification settings with my new app device listed...

Then I deleted my original device... I'm not going to do the rest of the family until I hear back this is an issue confined to just me or not...

This was happening to me a lot previously. However it has not happened to me in nearly two weeks.

When the app would freeze on me or crash I would restart it and then go to settings, and reselect the proper mobile device. Occasionally I would go to the browser interface and delete the extra newly created mobile devices.

Having this issue now. When i log back in - it tries to bring up the list of mobile devices and crashes.


Same issue here. @bobbyD

Are you all running the latest Beta version of the Hubitat Mobile App? I used to have the issue of having to log back into the app. But lately, on the latest beta, things seem better to me. Also, my geofence based presence seems more reliable. I am still on iOS 12.4.1.

Not running Beta version. iPhone running iOS 13.1.2

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If you'd like to try the iOS Mobile App beta, please see below...

Thanks @ogiewon. Just installed and testing.

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