IOS does not refresh Dashboard in the right sequence

Ok, little problem here. I am sharing to see if anyone experimented this problem on the IOS platform ( Either the application or in a Chrome browser window or a Safari windows... both on my Iphone IOS 16.2 or my iPad IOS 15.6.1). It works fine on Windows or on Android. This is the behaviour about 60% of the time. 40% of the time the dashboard works as expected.

Seems that the refresh of the background is on top of the button on a specific dashboard of mine.

It starts occuring with the last update to : HE

See the sequence of actions below.

Call Dashboard Vue d'ensemble - Long button on the right. It is a Link attribute pointing to a URL of that dashboard.

Dashboard loads but we see the initial layout for a fraction of a second and then it becomes totally light blue - As if the background was painted on top of the tiles.

I press where the tile should be. The dashboard briefly appears, then it brings me to the other dahboard. @moncho1138 Just in case it is in your area !

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