IOS Dashboard and Second Hub

I added a second HUB. With IOS I have to go through 'Settings', 'Select Hub', then Select Mobile Device. After that I can get to the Dashboard on the First Hub and all functionality is present.

With the second HUB, which is accessible through the PC, the code will display the Dashboard name but when I select it I get the error:

{"error:true, "type":"AppException", "message":"Not Found"}

This occurs for both the iPad and iPhone. Everything works correctly with the first HUB on both IOS devices.

I am having a similar problem, same error message, but only with one hub. When showing cloud dashboards menu (hubitat app on iOS device) if I click one that has an “EZ” in front of the name I get this error. When I look at the Easy Dashboard app, it doesn’t even show that these “EZ” dashboards exist. For example I have a dashboard menu named “Living Room + Library” but in the cloud dashboards it shows up as “EZ Living Room + Library”. I click on it, I get the error. I look at Easy Dashboard app, dashboard not listed there. I’d like to get rid of these EZ dashboards and get back to the regular ones. Help!

For iOS. Attempting to display an EZ dashboard from the 'Dashboard' glyph at the bottom left fails. If, instead you select: Tools -> Find Hubs -> Select the Hub of choice -> Select 'Dashboards, the EZ dashboards are displayed correctly.