iOS battery usage

Having huge battery usage on iOS 13.3.1
I do have geofence on. Any suggestions to reduce battery

Are you using the High Accuracy Geofence feature in the Hubitat Mobile App? If so, try disabling that feature.

I have tried numerous geo-presence solutions and have found Life360 (free) to be the best overall solution in terms of accuracy, reliability, and battery usage on my iPhone.

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It’s going to come down to few choices

  • Let it be so the app can perform the best for presence, sacrificing battery life

  • turn off the “high accuracy” flag in the app, letting iOS manage the app’s activity and kill the accuracy and performance

  • implement a multi point presence sensor like “Combined Presence” and try turning off the high accuracy setting and see if the combination of sensors (“iPhone WiFi presence” being the other sensor) and see how it goes

The app is indeed super chatty with the radio, here are my phone’s stats

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Thanks. Just set up Life 360 and turned off high accuracy.
Can you turn off Hubitat geofence and just use Life 360?

I also just installed PresenceGovernor

I have turned off the Hubitat Mobile App geofence altogether.

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Hubitat app > Settings > Uncheck "Enable Geofence"

Right. But can you just use life 360 instead

Yes. There is a community integration for life 360

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The built-in Life360 integration has been very solid for me.

Looks like the high accuracy switch is the culprit.

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