IoS App V2: dashboard regression preventing use of new app version

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Hi @Hubitat_Staff,

As with many I suspect, my primary use case for the HE mobile app is dashboards. I'm trying to completely switch to the new version but I'm unable to for the reason outlined below:

Current behavior: one of my dashboard tiles links to a text log file on my C8 Pro's filesystem to show the day's events. Both versions of the app are able to open and display the text file within the app by tapping the 'Recent events | Status' tile below.

Once viewing the log file, I obviously need a way to get out/back to the primary dashboard view. In the earlier version, tapping the dashboard button again would refresh/re-display the dashboard. In V2, that behavior has changed leaving only one way to get the dashboard back--force quit the app and re-load it. Even tapping Home and then Dashboard simply returns me to the text file.

Current V1 behavior/desired behavior in V2: tapping the dashboard button on the bottom banner refreshes/re-loads the custom dashboard.


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