IOS App Questions - VLAN

When i click on my IOS app, to manage my hub i need to click on the Registered Hubs->then select my current hub. I have 2 old hubs listed there.

I use notifications on my IOS for the 'Device Activity Check' app that shows on my overall IOS notifications. However, on the main IOS HE app screen, i do not get any response when clicking on the 'Notifications' link, and If i go into the HE app I get the 'Loading Notificaitons' then 'Error - Timed Out waiting for mobile device apps'.

I do use different VLAN's (IOT vs Main) on my home network, where my HE is on IOT, and mobile devices are on Main. I do have rules to be able to go to my IOT vlan from Main. My guess is this VLAN setup is the issue not allowing to see notifications on the HE app? I do not see a notifications selection on the browser app, except for setup under the applications menu.

If trying to manage HE outside of my network, i tend to use a VPN.

Most features of the app should work even when not on the local network.

I just tested this and it worked for me. Disconnect from your Wifi, use cellular data, DO NOT connect to your VPN. Then try opening Tools > Notifications.

If that works when off your LAN, and does not work when on the LAN, then I suspect the app is trying to reach the hub locally on the LAN (when it thinks it is on the same network) and is not able to due to your VLAN setup.

Tried out your suggestion. Unfortunately, didn't work.

Next step was to uninstall and reinstall the app, and it then worked.

EDIT: noticed i still had wifi off. When i put wifi back on, same issue.